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You have come to this page because the Webdomain you visited is using extended logging provided by Among other things, sets super cookies that may be hard to delete on your own. We are strong supporters of privacy rights. This page lets you disable our super cookies.

Super Cookies

A super cookie is any HTTP cookie that is recreated after deletion from backups stored outside the web browser's dedicated cookie storage. It may be stored online or directly onto the visitor's computer, in a breach of browser security. This makes them very difficult to remove. These cookies may be installed on a web browser that has opted to not receive cookies since they do not completely rely on traditional cookies. Read more...


Most common use of logging and tracking service is preventing payment fraud. Since gives extended information about visitor's browser and location Webdomains may block fraudsters more effectively.

Another common use of is pre-authentication. Webdomains requiring login to some of their content may use to authenticate you without you having to enter your credentials.

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